Bias Incident Response Team

The University of Mississippi


If members of the campus community believe they are the target of a bias related incident, know of another person who has been a victim or target or witnessed a bias related incident, there may be questions about available options to assist this person(s).

Individuals who are the target of bias often look to their communities first for mutual understanding, reinforcement and advice. There are resources available on campus, and the University of Mississippi encourages all students, faculty and staff to be aware and utilize them.


Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT)

Shawnboda Mead:     662-915-1689

Center for Inclusion & Cross Cultural Engagement 

Shawnboda Mead:     662-915-1689

Chancellor’s Standing Committee on LGBTQ Affairs

Office of the Chancellor:     662-915-7111

Chancellor’s Standing Committee on Sensitivity and Respect

Katrina Caldwell:     662-915-7111

Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance (EO/RC)

Becki Bressler:    662-915-7735

Office of Leadership and Advocacy

Kate Forster:     662-915-7247

Office of Global Engagement

Blair McElroy:     662-915-7404

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Merrill Magruder:     662-915-7705

Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies

Jaime Harker:     662-915-5916

Student Disability Services

Stacey Reycraft:     662-915-7128

University Counseling Center

Bud Edwards:     662-915-3784

University Counseling Center/Violence Prevention Officer

Lindsey Bartlett Mosvick:     662-915-1059

University Ombudsperson

Paul Caffera:     662-915-1537

University Police Department

Ray Hawkins:     662-915-7234